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High Performance Nylon

Polyamides are artificially made polymers commonly known as nylon. Commercially available polyamides are mostly made from six-carbon diacids. However, for superior strength in the presence of chemicals and water, polyamides produced with long-chain diacids such as DC12, or long-chain polyamides, are preferable because such polyamides will retain resistance to many chemicals and maintain strength even in highly moist environments due to the reduced number of chemical links between the molecules within the polyamide.  

Corrosion Inhibitor

Organic corrosion inhibitors are increasingly used in industrial applications in recent years in place of inorganic corrosion inhibitors. Long-chain diacids are a group of anti-corrosion additives that can inhibit corrosion efficiently at low concentrations and are non-toxic and biodegradable. Diacids are used as corrosion inhibitors in metal working fluids, metal cleaners, engine coolants, aqueous hydraulic fluids and diecast release agents, protecting metal working parts and coolant systems from rust. Our DC11 to DC14 can be used in the production of corrosion inhibitors.

Metalworking Fluid

Metalworking fluids is mainly used for metal processing and it mainly plays the role of lubrication and cooling, and has the functions of rust prevention and cleaning. it gernerally incudes cutting fluid, cutting oil, emulsion, stamping oil, quench agent, high temperature oil, extreme pressure cutting fluid, grinding fluid, rust proof oil, cleaning agent, blackening agent, deep drawing oil, thickener, etc. Dibasic acid mixtures like MixAcid MA1 (same quality as Invista Corfree M1) ranging in length from C10 to C12 (Sebacic Acid, Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) and Undecanedioic Acid) can be formulated as an amine salt concentrate for a variety of corrosion inhibition applications.  


Diester lubricants, which have applications in both automotive and aviation engine oils, produced from long-chain diacids have better performance than lubricants produced from shorter chain length esters or hydrocarbon base oils. General use of long-chain diacids to produce diester lubricants has been limited due to the high cost and limited availability of long-chain diacids. However, we believe the cost efficiency associated with our long-chain diacids can produce diester lubricants that can be competitive in the market place. Our DC11 to DC14 can be used to produce lubricants.

Hotmelt Adhesive

Diacids are used in making copolyamides, which are mainly used as hot melt adhesives in the textile industry. Adhesives made from long-chain diacids demonstrate excellent flexibility and stability in solvents and are considered to be excellent hot melt adhesives for high-grade textiles. Our DC11 to DC14 can be used to produce copolyamides. 

Powder Coating

Clear powder coatings provide a thin, clear protective coating for automobile body finishes and wheels. Clear powder coatings have improved toughness, gloss, durability, flexibility and chemical resistance over other coatings and are environmentally preferred since no solvents are involved in their application. Our DC12 and DC 14 can be used in the production of clear powder coatings.

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