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Mixture of Dibasic Acids (MixAcid MA1 & MA2)

MixAcid MA1 and MA2 are nitrite-free dibasic acids mixture, by blends of certain proportion organic dibasic acids and compatibility additives, which provides excellent ferrous corrosion inhibition properties. It is used in a variety of corrosion inhibitor applications, including metalworking fluids, engine coolants, metal cleaners, aqueous hydraulic fluids, and die cast release agents, Adhesive Crosslinker, Metal Cutting Fluid, Cooling Fluid, Lubricant.
When formulated as an amine salt, MixAcid® MA1 and MA2 dibasic acid provides superior corrosion protection to alternatives such as sebacic acid, azelaic acid, and long-chain monobasic acids. MixAcid® MA1 and MA2 dibasic acid formulations do not leave undesirable, hard-to-clean residues associated with amine borate formulations.
Compared with monobasic acids, mixture of dibasic acids have irreplaceable excellent performance, MixAcid MA1 has same resistance property to hard water as Invista Corfree M1, MixAcid MA1 can be equivalent products as Corfree M1.
Metalworking Fluids, Powder Coatings, Adhesives, Fragrance, Corrosion Inhibitors, Lubricants
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