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Technology Advantages

     Compared to the traditional petrochemical production process, Palmary's technology reduces process steps. It also offers the ability to use multiple feedstocks as raw materials, including 100% renewable feedstocks. Palmary’s industrial biotechnology platform combines research and development in genetic and laboratory microbiology, bioprocess, scale-up, and commercial process engineering. Our platform, production capabilities and strategic location in China offer significant competitive advantages in the development, production and commercialization of our products. Palmary has a platform of core capabilities, technologies and resources which are based on:

• Strain Development

     We have classical mutagenesis and genetic engineering strain modification capabilities and proprietary analytical tools that allow screening of multiple chemicals including intermediates, impurities and desired products from a single complex biological sample that is agnostic to the biological system, which provide us with accurate results within seconds. Our commercial experience allows us to accurately identify the key parameters for strain selection in the laboratory for optimal commercial production. For example, most strains have significantly different performance characteristics under different media and environment conditions such as temperature, pH levels, agitation and aeration. Our strain development technology provides us with a significant commercial advantage and has improved our productivity.

• Fermentation and scale-up technology

     Laboratory scale experiments alone are often insufficient to address many critical issues for large-scale fermentation. Our lab researchers work closely with our dedicated,optimize and build fermenter system designs, fermentation conditions and downstream process designs for both aerobic and anaerobic fermentations at commercial scale. We have successfully maintained strain performance at large-scale fermentation. Historically, we have been able to complete laboratory bioprocess testing in three to six months, pilot plant testing in three to four months and commercial production engineering in nine to 12 months.

Technology Development

     Palmary Chemical team has extensive experience developing commercially viable biobased production processes from strain development all the way through scale-up and commercialization. We have led numerous Chinese national biotech research projects, as well as developed, transferred, and outlicensed many bioprocess technologies to chemical producers globally. 

      Please contact us if you are actively looking for a commercially viable technology to produce a chemical of commercial interest, or to improve the commercial viability of a bioprocess technology you have. 

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