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Dodecanedioic Acid for Rust Protection in Water-based Metalworking Fluids

Dibasic acid mixtures ranging in length from C10 to C12 (Sebacic Acid, Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) and Undecanedioic Acid) can be formulated as an amine salt concentrate for a variety of corrosion inhibition applications.  This mixture creates a strong protective layer of inhibition on a metal surface and is especially effective at ferrous corrosion protection for metalworking fluids, cleaners, hydraulic fluids, die cast release agents and cooling application.   Because the dibasic acids are produced from natural feedstocks, it is a biodegradable and is an environmentally sustainable solution for corrosion protection in bio-lubricants.  This mixture is a desirable over amine borate formulations because it does not leave hard-to-clean residues.  It also is low foaming and has good hard water stability.
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