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Long-chain dicarboxylic acid application

Long-chain dicarboxylic acids refers to a straight-chain dicarboxylic acid containing more than 10 carbon atoms, is an important fine chemical intermediates. Long-chain dibasic acids provide greater flexibility and strength than short-chain diacids due to their ability to bend, which minimizes breakage and reduces the number of links in a polymer. image.png
     Palmary produce a wide variety of high-quality long-chain dibasic acids using bioprocesses. Our dicarboxylic acids are produced from paraffin through fermentation followed by purification, rather than the traditional multi-step chemical process.
     On the basis of raw material of long chain dicarboxylic acids to produce synthetic nylon resin (eg: PA1111, PA11T, PA1212, PA1011, etc.), senior spice musk-T, senior nylon plastic, high temperature electrolyte, high-grade copolymer polyamide hot melt, cold-resistant plasticized agents, advanced lubricants, high-class paints and coatings, are widely used in chemical industry, light industry, pesticide, medicine, liquid crystal materials and other fields.
   Currently, we offer four types of long chain dibasic acids:
• DC11 (Undecanedioic Acid, UDDA) 

• DC12 (Dodecanedioic Acid, DDDA)
• DC13 (Brassylic Acid, Tridecanedioic Acid)
• DC14 (Tetradecanedioic Acid) 
• Mixture of Dibasic Acids (MA1 & MA2) 
• DC10 (Decanedioic Acid, Sebacic Acid)
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