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Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) applications

Dodecanedioic Acid is a white powder dicarbxylic acid. Dodecanedioic Acid (CAS #: 693-23-2) is often known as 1,12-Dodecanedioic Acid or by the abbreviation DDDA; other names include Decane-1,10-dicarboxylic acid and Decamethylenedicarboxylic Acid. Dodecanedioic Acid has a molecular weight of 230.3 and a molecluar formula C12H22O4. It can be found under CAS # 693-23-2 or EINECS # 211-746-3.   
   Dodecanedioic Acid is an important product for for high performance polyamides and Polyesters as well as coatings.  It is our best selling product in the range. Besides dodecanedioic Acid is mainly used for high-grade polyamide engineering plastics, long carbon chain nylon and its products. Is the main raw material of nylon 1212, nylon 612 and nylon 1012. But also as a senior aromatic intermediates, high-grade lubricants, lubricants and high-grade cars preservative spraying materials.
   As an organic rust inhibitor is being widely used in various industrial fields, to replace the inorganic rust inhibitor. Long chain dibasic acid as a rust inhibitor in a low concentration, non-toxic and biodegradable and other conditions to achieve effective anti-rust effect.
1. Cutting fluid commonly used anti-rust agent such as oleic acid, sunflower acid, alcohol amine, Ciba-ternary acid, undecanoic acid and mixed acid, but from the point of rust-proof performance alone, dodecanedioic acid with excellent anti-rust effect.
2. Dodecanedioic acid and octanol synthesis diester can be used as jet aircraft engines and gas turbines with high-level lubricants,
but also can be used as low-temperature grease base oil.
High Performance Nylon, Powder Coatings, Adhesives, Perfume, Corrosion Inhibitors, Lubricants
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